Jay Park Pokes Fun at Celebrities Going Public with Their Relationship Through the Same Process

On the January 2 broadcast of JTBC’s variety talk program “Witch Hunt,” Jay Park made an appearance as a special guest on the show for his second time.

During the episode, the singer was asked about his own personal dating style. When the MCs asked a question in relation to a story sent in by a viewer about blind dates, Jay Park revealed, “I have never been on a blind date.” However, he hesitated for a moment when MC Shin Dong Yup questioned, “Haven’t you ever been to a drinking gathering with several people?”

In response, the singer replied, “When doing a broadcast or while filming a drama, don’t a lot of people meet together [like that]? Everyone says ‘no’ and keeps denying until they get caught by Dispatch before finally saying ‘yes’ and admitting,” causing laughter with his humorous jab at the way celebrities go public with their relationships through the same system.

Also during the broadcast, Jay Park honestly revealed, “In the past, I used to be very shy, so I couldn’t even talk to the girl I liked or ask for her phone number. I was like that for a few years. But as I continued my career, I’ve gotten much more comfortable. Now, I’ve become more straightforward and if there is someone I’m interested in, I ask for her number.”
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