Lee Seung Gi is Hilarious in Upcoming “Running Man” Episode

Lee Seung Gi showed off his “heodang” image in the upcoming episode of “Running Man.” “Heodang” is a Korean term for a person who appears to be competent, but is unexpectedly clumsy or foolish.

This is the handsome star’s third appearance on the hit variety show. In the beginning of the episode, Lee Seung Gi is seen adapting quickly and doing well. Later, he is seen working hard on a mission and suddenly falls on his butt after slipping on the set.

In the preview stills, you can see other members on the show pulling pranks on him and even pouring ice inside his clothes. Unsurprisingly, there was plenty of laughter which was mostly directed toward poor Lee Seung Gi. In addition, viewers will be able to see Lee Seung Gi and Lee Kwang Soo exhibit a similar clumsy charm in the episode.

Lee Seung Gi and Moon Chae Won will appear in the upcoming episode of “Running Man” on January 4.