90’s Singers of “Infinity Challenge” Volunteer for Community Service to Give Back Love and Support

After meeting at the “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer” special of “Infinity Challenge,” the 90’s singers who participated in the show decided to give back to the community together.

Those who participated in the show are known to have made a special Kakao message room planning a gathering for community service. On January 3, Kim Hyun Jung, So Chan Hwee, Kim Sung Soo of Cool, and Sean of Jinusean met up to volunteer at Coal Charity Event.

Coal Charity Event was created in order to support families who do not have enough money for fuel in the cold Korean winter. Gaining popularity once again with their old hits, the 90’s singers are giving back to the community as a way of saying “thank you” for the love and support from their new found fans.


The special “Infinity Challenge” episode was a huge success and recorded almost 20 percent viewer ratings last week. “Infinity Challenge” and the 90’s singers are hoping for even higher viewer ratings on the second episode airing January 3 at 6:15 p.m. KST.

Meanwhile, other stars have participated in similar charity events to support the shortage of coals. Akdong Musician’s Lee Chan Hyuk also participated in the same event along with Sean, who is in the same agency as him.

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