“Dad! Where Are We Going?” Kim Min Yool Surprises His Dad With a Mature Wish

In the upcoming episode of “Dad! Where Are We Going,” the last day of Kim Min Yool and Kim Sung Joo‘s trip in Taiwan will air.

Not eating much the night before, they fill up their stomachs with homemade mandu soup before heading off to the last place they are to visit, which is Mengjia Longshan Temple.

This particular temple was built in 1738 and has a legend that one can grant a wish by throwing wooden sticks shaped like a crescent moon. After listening to his father’s explanation about the sticks, Min Yool wishes for something that surprises his dad. Min Yool says something very mature for his age, and in an interview, Kim Sung Joo confesses that he got to see another side of Min Yool he had not known before.


To find out what Min Yool wishes for, check out this episode on January 4, at 4:50 p.m. KST.

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