ZE:A’s Kwanghee Worries About His Laminate Teeth After Biting Artificial Food

On the January 3 episode of SBS’ “Star King,” ZE:A‘s Kwanghee – and his teeth – learn the hard way how to tell the difference between actual and artificial deep-fried shrimp.

The episode featured an appearance by a professional fake food artist, who impressed the guests with his realistic-looking imitations of actual food. Together with his fellow panelists, Kwanghee went on to examine the food, and he tried to take a bite of a fake deep-fried shrimp that could be mistaken for an edible one.

As soon as he realized his mistake, Kwanghee yelled, “My laminates!” and panicked over the situation, worrying about his teeth getting damaged.

Kwanghee was not the only one to fall victim to fake food. On the same episode, comedian Jo Se Ho fell into confusion when he accidentally ate fake ice cream.