BEAST Celebrates 4th Official Fan Meeting with ‘BEAST & B2UTY New Year’s Party’

On January 3, BEAST opened up their fourth official fan meeting, ‘BEAST & B2UTY New Year’s Party.’ On this day, the six members of BEAST greeted over 6,000 fans for the new year and spent meaningful time with them, as the members prepared various events to carry out.

BEAST’s very first inauguration ceremony for their fan club through an official fan event was held in 2011 following the group’s 2009 debut. It has been about one year and two months since the third fan meeting in 2013.

The concept of this year’s fan meeting was ‘Misaeng,’ through which all B2UTYs were the boss of the ‘BEAST’ company. The group planned different events, including work evaluations for each member throughout the year of 2014, with the members winning humorous recognition awards. Doojoon received the Hard Worker Award, Hyunseung won the B2UTY Babo Award, Junhyung won the Business Award, Gikwang was awarded the Healing Award, Dongwoon took home the Sculpture Award, and Yoseob received the Birthday Award, before they held a small party for Yoseob’s January 5 birthday.

There was also an athletic competition for the company ‘employees,’ as well as a mini concert. During the mini concert, BEAST performed live stages of “12:30,” “Good Luck,” “Shadow,” “Beautiful Night,” “How to Love,” and more.

Before wrapping up the fan meeting, the members shared a few words with fans. Hyunseung said, “Thank you for always being by our side and supporting us and giving us love, even after all these years.” Yoseob expressed, “Thank you for filling up this place despite the cold weather and supporting us with loud cheers. I’ve even received a birthday party so I have a feeling that it will become a year I really can’t forget.”

Dongwoon shared, “Whenever we do an interview, I answer that fan meetings and concerts are what I enjoy the most. It’s one of the happiest parts of the work I am doing right now. It was really fun and thank you for making great memories with us. This year, I hope you spend 2015 with a positive mind, ‘Fun, happy, and positive.’” Gikwang said, “In 2015, we’ve already been able to spend a fun and happy time with so many people, so it feels good,” while Junhyung expressed, “It’s a new year. A year is a year, but I hope that the upcoming one is a better year than the one that has passed. Have a happy 2015.”
BEAST fan meeting

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