Kim So Eun on “We Got Married” Husband Song Jae Rim: “The Man I’ve Always Dreamed of…”

Actress Kim So Eun recently confessed that her on-screen husband, actor Song Jae Rim, is the kind of man that she has always dreamed of.

On the January 3 broadcast of MBC’s virtual marriage program “We Got Married,” Song Jae Rim prepared a special event for his wife while visiting Hierapolis in Turkey. Despite the actor’s shaky voice as he sang Jo Kyu Man’s “I’ll Give You Everything,” Kim So Eun was touched by his serenade.

During the interview with producers, Kim So Eun expressed, “[Song Jae Rim] is a man I have always dreamed of in my head. Even the small things, each and every one, are touching.”

However, the actress poked fun at her husband’s signing abilities: “I want to clap for his effort, but I think my husband should stick with acting,” while Song Jae Rim himself described the event as a “pitiful proposal,” causing laughter.
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