Song Jae Rim Doesn’t Like Kim So Eun’s Surprise Present on “We Got Married”

Song Jae Rim was wasn’t the biggest fan of virtual wife Kim So Eun’s surprise present.

On the January 3 broadcast of MBC variety show “We Got Married,” the newlyweds continued their honeymoon in Turkey.

During dinner, Kim So Eun said, “I was the one that proposed coming to Turkey for our honeymoon, and you must be really tired. I am very thankful but also sorry.” Song Jae Rim affectionately replied, “Wherever the needle goes the thread must also.”

Kim So Eun continued, “I prepared a small present. You have to use it up as soon as you can.” Song Jae Rim expressed uneasiness, “It’s not a punishment, right?”

“I made this myself,” Kim So Eun said as she took out an envelope. After opening the envelope, which was filled with coupons, Song Jae Rim acted like he was going to throw the envelope out the window.

“What! Bungee jumping? Biking? Sky diving? Hot-air balloon?” Song Jae Rim shouted. Kim So Eun seemed unfazed and laughed as she asked, “You don’t like it? Isn’t it original?”

During his interview with the writers, Song Jae Rim said, “Kim So Eun really knows my taste. I mean, how does she know so well the things I hate and fear.”
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