“Running Man” Makes a Lot of Money Abroad Despite Weak Domestic Performances

Variety program “Running Man” has become the best cash cow for SBS as the show has met with great success in China.

The Chinese version of “Running Man,” “Hurry Up, Brother,” premiered in October of 2014 with a rating of 1.149%, an amazing feat for a television program in mainland China. The remake continues to be popular, as a theatrical version of the show is in production.

A broadcast insider told media outlet Sports DongA, “‘Running Man’ is truly the best thing to happen to SBS. It made up for all of SBS’ deficits alone.”

They further added, “The exact contract terms are not known, but the word on the street is that they have signed up for at least three seasons of the remake in China. The movie version is also coming out soon. They probably made at least 30 billion won (approximately $27 million USD) so far.”

They also commented, “The particular reason why ‘Running Man’ is SBS’ best program is because SBS didn’t invest any money into its Chinese adaptation. SBS just sent over two producers to China to help produce the show. Yet they’re making such a profit.”

Domestically, “Running Man” has seen a weaker year in 2014, often falling last place in ratings in its time slot. Currently it is in second place after “1 Night 2 Days Season 3.”