Entertainer and DJ Park Myung Soo has revealed that he has been working on a collaboration with an internationally recognized pop artist.

On the January 4 broadcast of KBS CoolFM’s “Park Myung Soo’s Radio Show,” the star shared with his listeners, “Without any specific goal in mind, I contacted an artist that has ranked first on Billboard after having the urge to collaborate with the artist in question.”

“The artist, who everyone would know if I just revealed the name, told me to send information about myself. I received a reply that said the person wanted to work with me. Naturally, I had sent the request without expecting an actual collaboration to happen, but thankfully, I was told that the artist would do it,” Park Myung Soo explained how he was surprised to receive a positive response from the collaborative artist’s side.

“Because of that, I am even more tired now. I feel scared,” the star concluded, revealing how nervous he is about the response to the possible upcoming release.