CNBLUE’s Jung Yong Hwa Reveals He Took the Reins on Upcoming Solo Album Production

Anticipation for CNBLUE member Jung Yong Hwa’s upcoming solo album is rising as he recently talked about completely taking the reins on producing the kind of music he wants to do.

This past January 1, CEO Han Sung Ho of FNC Entertainment officially announced Jung Yong Hwa’s solo debut and hinted at a bit of the singer’s plans.

In a recent interview for a magazine, the CNBLUE member shared, “Within the band, I’ve always maintained a middle ground, but this time, I’m planning to honestly push in the direction that I want to go in until the end. The end product will include a variety of music. Through this opportunity to work on a [collaboration], I was able to expand my thinking. I feel that I’ve become more certain of what it is that I like, as I experienced diverse styles and received influence.”

Meanwhile, Jung Yong Hwa is currently in the final stages of preparation for his solo debut later this month.