Ji Chang Wook Says Shooting Action Scenes for “Healer” Is Frightening

Actor Ji Chang Wook has opened up about the challenges of shooting action scenes for his latest drama, “Healer.”

On the January 3 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Entertainment Relay,” the star made an appearance in the New Year’s corner ‘Stars that will shine in 2015.’

During the interview, Ji Chang Wook revealed that hanging from wires and jumping off high places is not as simple as it looks, and that the action scenes truly challenge his mental toughness. He said, “Honestly, it is scary. Before jumping, various thoughts run through my mind. What if the cord snaps, how much would I get hurt if I fell down…”

“However, it’s fine because I received my payment. And I also have my acting double Kyung Sub…” the actor thanked his stuntman and evoked laughter with the playful comment.

ji chang wook healer