Song Il Gook Reveals Who the Triplets Take After in “Superman Returns”

Superman ReturnsSong Il Gook described who his triplets take after: “Min Gook takes after his mom, while Dae Han takes after his dad.”

On KBS2’s “Superman Returns,” aired on January 4, Song Il Gook and the triplets traveled around Japan.

While in the car, Min Gook hummed pop songs along the way. Song Il Gook said, “I was so surprised. Their grandmother on their mom’s side said that Min Gook resembles his mom a lot from when she was young.”

song il gook

He added, “Dae Han takes after me. Man Se, on the other hand, is just a free spirit,” causing the viewers to break out in laughter.

Meanwhile, the triplets proved their singing skills one morning by using the microphone stationed in their room to sing children songs.