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In a recent interview, actor Park Min Woo shared his thoughts on the controversy created by his “drowsy driving” on the show “Roommate” last summer.

“I absolutely had to reflect on what I had done. The incident caused me to rethink a variety of different things,” he said during the interview.

The controversy came about when the July 13 episode of “Roommate” showed Park Min Woo driving a car with co-stars Seo Kang Joon, Park Min Woo, 2NE1‘s Park Bom, Song Ga Yeon, and Hong Soo Hyun as passengers. Having not slept much prior to their trip, Park Min Woo briefly dozed off behind the wheel, causing the car to drift towards a guard rail. In order to keep him awake, Seo Kang Joon then continued to make conversation with Park Min Woo for the rest of the trip. In an interview following the show, Park Min Woo revealed that he was “very sorry” for the incident.

After the show’s broadcast, audiences were critical of Park Min Woo and the show’s production team, both for having him drive when he was so tired and for not editing the alarming scene out of the episode.

In the recent interview, Park Min Woo recalled how he felt after the incident, saying, “Even after getting out of the car, I felt so sorry for what I had done that I lost my nerve while filming the rest of the episode. But everyone kept telling me, ‘It’s okay, don’t say you’re sorry.’”

He continued, “It was hard with all the attention I got because of the incident, and I couldn’t help but look at all the negative comments online. Thinking about the incident now and all the negativity I received because of it, I feel like it was a really big event in my acting career and my life in general, and it made me think about my life from a new perspective.”

When asked if he felt that the response was unfair or if he had anything to say regarding the incident, Park Min Woo responded, “Actually, it is very hard to explain what happened in a simple and concise way. I’ll just say that I made a mistake, and that I don’t think it makes much sense to feel that something is unfair or to continue explaining what happened.”

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