“Healing Camp” Staff Call for Fin.K.L Reunion

Singer Sung Yuri from girl group Fin.K.L recently won the PD Award (TV) at the 2014 SBS Entertainment Awards. During her acceptance speech, one of the staff members from “Healing Camp” brought a placard onto the stage. The placard read, “Let’s get Fin.K.L together this year on ‘Healing Camp.’”

Although there is much enthusiasm for the 90s popular girl group to get back together, the reality is different. Getting all four members together is tricky because each has her own schedule and life.

“Since this is the situation, it’s hard for everyone to get back together. The reunion can only happen if the girls want to make it happen. Just because a lot of people are trying to influence them to reunite, that’s not how reunions work. For example, S.E.S. reunited because each member tried hard to get back together,” said one affiliate of Fin.K.L.

The group released their last album 10 years ago in 2005.

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