Woori from Rainbow and Jo Hyung Gi Cast in MBC Drama “Flower of the Equator”

Singer Woori from girl group Rainbow has been cast for MBC’s upcoming weekend drama, “Flower of the Equator.”

Woori will be playing the role of Seo Yura, who seems to display signs of bipolarity. However, as she falls in love with Park Jae Joon, the main character, her mood seems to soften. Her love for him changes her into a more mellow and balanced person.

Surprisingly, acting veteran Jo Hyung Gi has been cast for the drama as well. He has not been in a drama series in over three years. Although he has been on many variety shows and celebrity programs, “Flower of the Equator” will be the first drama in which he has had a part since 2012.

The two actors are expected to make a wonderful team along with Yoon Park and Lee Sung Kyung, the lead couple in the series.

The series is expected to premiere in February.