A Look Back at Jinusean’s “Phone Number” MV Featuring Young G-Dragon, Taeyang, Kahi, and More

The excitement around the recently aired “Infinity Challenge” project “Saturday Saturday Is a Singer” has focused attention on the 90s singers who appeared on the show. One of the acts on the show was hip-hop duo Jinusean and a look back their “Phone Number” music video reveals a lot of familiar faces.

“Phone Number” was released in 2004 and was one of the songs performed by Jinusean on the January 3 episode of “Infinity Challenge.” Since the broadcast, the “Phone Number” music video has been played on music channels and online sites. It’s been garnering attention for the many familiar faces that pop up, including those who were popular at that time and those who were not yet as well known as they are now.

As Jinusean was under YG Entertainment, many former and current YG family members can be seen in the video. The introduction of the music video features G-Dragon as an old folklore character. Lee Eun Ju, then a member of YG girl group Swi.T, is also seen in the video. She is now the wife of YG Entertainment’s founder Yang Hyun Suk. Other labelmates in the video include Se7en, Masta Wu, and 1TYM’s Song Baek Kyung and Oh Jin Hwan. Pre-debut BIGBANG members G-Dragon and Taeyang can be seen dancing along with their YG seniors.

Jinusean phone number

Non-YG celebrities are also seen dancing and having a fun time in the “Phone Number” video, such as DJ D.O.C member Lee Ha Neul and PSY, who would later go on to join YG Entertainment.

The video also features a female dancer, who was well known for her dancing skills. She turns out to be none other than Kahi, before she debuted as a singer with After School.

Jinusean Kahi

Check out the video below:

Jinsean’s songs are seeing a surge in popularity on music charts after the “Infinity Challenge” special.

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