Witness at Bumkey's Third Trial Leaves Entire Court Room Frustrated

Hip hop artist Bumkey, who is currently on trial for alleged distribution of Philopon (Methamphetamine) and Ecstasy, attended his third trial on the afternoon of January 5.

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Only one of two witnesses was present at this trial, and in the midst of the full weight of the spotlight being shifted to one, the testimony was an absolute mess, according to a report by The Fact.

The Fact states that the court room was in a state of exasperation, a result of the witness constantly contradicting his own previous statements, and making statements that were unclear, saying things like “I think,” “I don’t remember,” etc.

The prosecution and defense asked the witness, “Did you take drugs with Bumkey?” and received ambiguous answers: “Yes,” and “I didn’t see Bumkey [take drugs],” and “We were in the same place, and it seemed everyone was doing it.”

When the prosecution and defense explained to the witness his own contradictions, he would deny, saying that he never said it like that.

In the end, after countless contradictions and ambiguous statements, the trial wrapped up having achieved nothing, the entire court room filing out in a state of confusion. Meanwhile, the fourth trial, to be held on January 26, will call forward another witness, Mr.  Choi, in an attempt at gaining clarification on the testimony from this third trial, as well as Bumkey’s manager.

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