M.I.B’s Kangnam and After School’s Lizzy on a Date for “Hello Stranger”

A behind-the-scenes photo from MBC’s variety show “Hello Stranger” shows After School’s Lizzy and M.I.B’s Kangnam sweetly smiling and posing for the camera.

In the previous episode of “Hello Stranger,” Lizzy and Kangnam left for a friendship trip together. Lizzy joined the “Hello Stranger” members for their second city tour to Busan. Lizzy and Kangnam formed a team and set off together towards a cultural village.

The photo shows the two smiling brightly despite sitting by the water in the cold, on a straw mat without their shoes. The story of Lizzy and Kangnam will be revealed on the January 8 broadcast of “Hello Stranger.” The episode will show the members visiting the sights of and creating warm memories in Busan.

“Hello Stranger” follows the lives of young foreigners living in Korea. Unfortunately, it was announced on January 6 that the show has been cancelled due to poor viewer ratings, and the final episode will air on January 15. The follow-up show has yet to be decided.