“Valid Love”: The Art Of Seduction, By Kim Joon

How does a reserved bachelor like Kim Joon (played by Lee Soo Hyuk) get mixed up with a married woman in Valid Love? What would the dashing young craftsman say?

The Art Of Seduction, By Kim Joon

Seduction is a delicate art form.

It’s like an exquisitely brewed coffee – there’s a sense of romance with cultivating the perfect cup: the sweetness of freshly ground coffee beans exciting your olfactory nerves, the flow of warmth as the heat hits your lips, and the spark of caffeine as it quickens your pulse. You can’t just stand back and watch the world go by forever – you’ve got to follow what your heart desires.

1. Leave a (Shirtless) First Impression.

Valid Love shirtless

2. Have A Manly Profession. I chose carpentry. (Plus, if she likes you, she’ll find an excuse to see you.)

Valid Love

3. Kiss Her Passionately On A Rainy Day.

Valid Love kiss

4. Get Her Number In A Covert And Completely Innocent Way. For example, pretend that you’ve “lost your phone,” so you need to use her phone to call it.

Valid Love collage Lee Soo Hyuk

5. Feed Her. When your crush stops by, you were just about to make ramen.

Valid Love ramen

With eggs!

Valid Love ramen eggs

6. Hold On To The Object Of Your Affection. If you want her to stay a little longer, don’t be afraid to show it.

Valid Love Lee Soo Hyuk

7. Whisk Her Away On A Day Trip. During which, certain opportunities may inevitably present themselves. (Important: please notice the second passionate kiss.)

Valid Love

8. Don’t Forget To Pack Snacks. For said day trip. (Hey, I’m not perfect – it’s the thought that counts.)

Valid Love Lee Soo Hyuk gimbab rice rolls

9. Show that you’re a refined bachelor. (Did I mention that I enjoy coffee?)

Valid Love coffee collage

10. Be Persistent. If she’s doubting your feelings for her, pursue her. Literally.

Valid Love

11. Lastly, Let It Rain.

Valid Love Lee Soo Hyuk rain

Do you feel seduced yet?

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