Lee Gook Joo Sheds Tears Talking about a Senior Comedian Who Was Inspired by Her

On the January 6 broadcast of SBS Radio Power FM’s “Lee Gook Joo’s Youngstreet,” Lee Gook Joo burst into tears after reading a story sent by a listener. The story was read during the corner “Hello, It’s Me,” in which listeners submit stories that they had kept secret.

On this day, an anonymous listener said, “26! It’s an age in which you want to play a lot and do a lot of things, but I’m so busy with work that I feel like I’ve become a machine. I can’t even complain to anyone because they’ll think I’m being ungrateful. I feel bad for myself.”

Lee Gook Joo got through the story calmly, then said, “I was feeling like this at one point, and I think you need to meet with people who understand how tired you are. But I hope you stop saying things like ‘I’m tired,’ or ‘I feel like dying,’ and find strength with more positive thoughts.”

She added, “I met a senior comedian today who I’ve known for a long time. He had stopped comedy nine years ago, but said that he found the courage to go on stage once again after seeing me.  I almost cried listening to his story, but I didn’t think I should cry in front of him so I didn’t.” At this point she burst into tears.

Lee Gook Joo cried for a while afterwards, then continued the radio broadcast by cheering up her listeners saying, “I hope other people can find strength and courage through me.”