Park Min Woo Shares Lee Gook Joo Cried Because of Him in “Roommate”

Park Min Woo, actor and housemate on “Roommate,” reflected on his experience filming his first variety show. Through an interview, he shared what he’s learned from the experience and from the friends he’s made on the show.

“Roommate” was Park Min Woo’s first variety appearance. He said that he learned a lot and got closer to fans through the show, but as it is a reality show that films celebrities all day long, it wasn’t easy. At first he tried to show a bright image and get close to the other cast members, but he tried too hard and wasn’t being himself. Sometimes things came across not as he intended. He got caught up in controversy in Season 1 and his family even went through a hard time because of it. But he considered it a good experience from which he has learned and grown.

Even though his time in Season 1 of “Roommate” involved difficulty because of the conflict, he mustered the courage to stay on for Season 2. The “Roommate” PD approached him and said, “If you run away with all these misunderstandings, you will regret it.” He decided to stay on for the second season, and was able to gain support from his roommates in Season 2.

Park Min Woo shared a story of when Lee Gook Joo cried because of him. When she joined the “Roommate” cast for Season 2 and got to know Park Min Woo, she realized that he was not the type of guy that people thought he was based on Season 1. As she thought about that, she started crying about the misunderstandings and hate he received. The staff told him about her reaction and he was so thankful that he called her while he was filming a drama. He laughed as he shared her response to his phonecall: “Why are you being so clingy?”

He shares about the other roommates he’s received strength and encouragement from, like Bae Jong Ok, Lee Dong Wook, and g.o.d’s Park Joon Hyung. Bae Jong Ok is such an experienced senior, who he would never have gotten the chance to become friendly with, even if they had worked on a drama together. But through “Roommate,” he got close to her like she was a big sister and was able to learn from her because of it.

He also shared how he became close to Lee Dong Wook. “We’re in the same agency, but before ‘Roommate,’ I only saw him at the company’s year-end parties. At first I was scared, unable to meet his eyes or start a conversation. But Lee Dong Wook approached me first and told me to speak comfortably around him, and we became close after that.”

Park Joon Hyung gave him advice he took to heart. Park Joon Hyung said, “I watched the show before, but once I moved in, I saw the real you. You should just be who you are, and behave as you usually do. Show your comfortable, confident self. That would be best, instead of trying to please those around you.”

Taking his roommate’s advice, Park Min Woo reflected, “Until now, I lived matching others and it’s given me a lot of stress. But now I think if I act the way I believe is right, I’ll be okay. I’m learning to relax more. Sometimes bad things happen, but I will try my best and reflect on how to improve. With this mindset, I believe good things will happen.”

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