“Misaeng” Act Jeon Seok Ho Promotes Co-Star Tae In Ho’s Cafe

A cafe run by “Misaeng” actor Tae In Ho, who plays Sung Joon Shik on the show, has been put under the microscope thanks to his co-star, Jeon Seok Ho.

Jeon Seok Ho made an appearance on the January 7 episode of the SBS radio program “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” and his discussion of Tae In Ho’s cafe on the show has resulted in increased public interest.

“Tae In Ho runs a cafe in Hapjeong (Seoul). Should I say its name? Anyway, you can find it if you search for it online. His coffee is really good and pretty well-known,” he said. Following the broadcast, the frequency of the search term “Sung Dae Ri cafe” increased on major search sites.

Jeon Seok Ho informed listeners of the program that the cafe is located near Hapjeong Station and that Tae In Ho brews and serves the coffee himself. Meanwhile, visitors have confirmed that the cafe in question is called “Deniro Coffee Roasters,” posting the following pictures of its interior and exterior spaces online.

Deniro Coffee