Bae Jong Ok Teases Jackson on “Roommate 2”

Bae Jong Ok’s recent jab at Got7’s Jackson has people laughing.

On the January 6 episode of “Roommate 2,” Jackson asked actress Bae Jong Ok if he could borrow her fur vest, saying that “American rappers wear things like that.” Jackson then wore the vest over his black clothing, pulled his black beanie down over his face, and proceeded to show off his “hip-hop fashion.” As Jackson showed off for everyone, Bae Jong Ok told him that he was “much better looking when not wearing a hat.”

“I thought you were ugly because you’re wearing hats all the time,” She continued. Jackson, slightly embarrassed, then smiled and removed the hat.

The scene can be watched here:

“Roommate 2” is a variety show that employs a “share house” concept where a group of singers, actors, and comedians live together in one house.