Ryu Jin and Son Take Part in Beanpole Kids Photoshoot

Ryu Jin and his son, Lim Chan Hyung, have taken part in a Beanpole Kids photo shoot for the upcoming school year. The father and son duo are known for their parts on “Dad! Where Are We Going?

In the shoot, first grader Chan Hyung looks the part of a little gentleman, wearing refined and classic pieces like a blazer, a trench coat, and a cardigan. In one photo, the father and son team wear baseball inspired athletic gear, and their mischievous expressions are attracting attention. The school bags in the image also hint at the upcoming semester.

Ryu Jin and son 1

Another photo shows a work-ready Ryu Jin with a beaming Chan Hyung on his shoulders. With his skateboard, rain jacket, and backpack, Chan Hyung looks ready to start the new school year.

Ryu Jin and son 2