“The King’s Face” Director Compares Seo In Guk’s Acting with IU’s and Explains Key Differences

At a press conference for KBS 2TV’s ongoing Wednesday-Thursday drama “The King’s Face,” director Yoon Sung Sik talked about working with male lead Seo In Guk, compared him to singer and actress IU, whom he worked with previously.

Yoo Sung Sik said, “Seo In Guk, whom I am working with on this project [“The King’s Face”] is as great of an actor as Joo Won. Whenever I look at Seo In Guk, I think of Joo Won, whom I worked with on ‘Bridal Mask.’ Both [Seo In Guk and Joo Won] work really hard.”

He continued, “They immerse themselves into their roles so well that there are no NGs. Despite the fact that Seo In Guk is a singer, he has a big passion for acting.”

Yoon Sung Sik then compared Seo In Guk with IU, saying, “It’s a different feel from when I worked with singer IU on ‘You’re the Best, Lee Soon Shin!’ IU is an acting genius, and she knows very well how to express herself with respect to the given situation. Seo In Guk is someone who [built] his acting skills through hard work.”

Meanwhile, “The King’s Face” premiered on November 19 of last year. The ongoing period drama is a coming-of-age story about Kwanghae, an illegitimate son who rises to the throne but gets caught up in a love triangle with his father Seonjo (played by Lee Sung Jae) over a beautiful maiden named Kim Ga Hee (Jo Yoon Hee).