Reporter Park Seul Gi Says Won Bin Is Difficult to Interview because He Gives Short Answers

Long-time celebrity interviewer Park Seul Gi chose Won Bin as one of the most difficult celebrities to interview.

In an interview with cable channel OBS, reporter Park Seul Gi picked her interview with actor Won Bin as one of the most difficult interviews she has had in over ten years.

She said, “When I first saw Won Bin I couldn’t breathe for a moment. He’s extremely careful with his words. He’s careful, quiet, and slow when he’s talking. Basically our personalities are quite different. He takes his time and is very cautious, so he answers very slowly. That’s why I think I talked so much during our interview. Won Bin must have struggled [interviewing with me].” She further added smugly, “I feel really bad. I should be punished.”

Won Bin has yet to announce his comeback project. His last work was the 2010 blockbuster hit film “The Man from Nowhere.”