“The Interview” Sony Pictures in Contact with Yoon Mi Rae for Unauthorized Use of Her Song

Yoon Mi Rae’s representatives revealed they are currently in contact with Sony Pictures, the producers of “The Interview,” after her song “Pay Day” was used in the movie without permission.

“It is true that our lawyers are currently in contact with Sony Pictures. However, we aren’t at a stage yet to disclose any specifics,” they told OSEN on January 8.

In response to the illegal use of “Pay Day”, Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK are requesting for the rights to their song in the movie and a sincere apology.

According to Daily Sports, an executive from Sony Pictures has taken on the case, a sign that they have also acknowledged the severity of it.

Early on, “The Interview” used Yoon Mi Rae and Tiger JK’s “Pay Day” without permission. “The Interview” is a fictional movie based on the assassination of North Korea’s Kim Jong Un. “Pay Day” was used in the scene where the characters were having a good time with Kim Jong Un’s Pleasure Group.

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