SISTAR Makes “Showtime” Viewer Rating Promise to Hold a ‘Free Hug’ Event

SISTAR recently revealed their viewer ratings promise to hold a public ‘free hug’ event for the group’s upcoming reality show “Showtime.”

On January 8, the press conference for “SISTAR’s Showtime” opened up at the CGV theater located in the IFC Mall, where the members of SISTAR stated, “If [the viewer ratings] surpass 2.3%, we will do a ‘free hug’ event,” when requested to share their viewer ratings promise to viewers.

Hyorin explained, “We’re at an age to have fun. We will do a ‘free hug’ where there are a lot of people.” Bora added, “If the viewer ratings reach 2.3%, we promise to do it.”

Meanwhile, for the first time in six years since the group’s debut, they are starring in their very own reality show. “SISTAR’s Showtime” is scheduled to premiere on January 8 and will air every Thursday at 6 p.m. (KST).