Ratings For “The Legendary Witch” Continue to Rise, Can It Break into the 30s?

On January 8, a press conference for ongoing MBC weekend drama “The Legendary Witch” was held at the Golden Mouse hotel in Seoul. The cast members, including Han Ji Hye, Ha Seok Jin, Oh Hyun Kyung, Lee Jong Won, and Ha Yeon Soo, were in attendance.

Han Ji Hye said, “I am grateful to viewers for their love. There is a very comfortable and positive dynamic on set.”

The first episode of “The Legendary Witch,” which aired on October 25 of last year, recorded a 16 percent viewership rating, but within six episodes broke 20 percent. By the 16th episode, the drama had broken 25 percent and has been increasing steadily towards 30 percent.

The most recent episode (episode 22) of “The Legendary Witch,” recorded its highest viewership rating yet, hitting 29.9 percent according to the TNMS Seoul capital area standard. This was a 0.2 percent increase from the previous episode, which recorded 29.7 percent. According to the 2049 viewership standard (the primary standard used by advertisers as it focuses on a target audience of 20-49 year olds), the drama snagged an impressive 12.1 percent.

“The Legendary Witch” is about four women who are convicted of a variety of crimes including murder, attempted murder, stock price manipulation, and fraud. They meet when they are incarcerated in the same prison cell, cell 10 on the second floor. In prison, they learn how to bake and set up a bakery that soon rivals the bakery of a huge conglomerate.

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