EXID Wins First Ever Music Show on M!Countdown

EXID 010815 b

After so many close calls the last few weeks, including a few heartbreaking second place finishes last weekend,  EXID was finally able to reach the top and get #1 on a music program. Their song “Up and Down”  took home the win on M!Countdown this week after gaining a lot of viral momentum.

Instead of a regular broadcast, M!Countdown aired a ‘2015 Perseverance M!Countdown Goo Hae Ra’ special, which featured stars who have succeeded through perseverance or through miracle auditions in the past.

At the end, EXID was visited by M!Countdown’s staff and received their first ever trophy in their practice room. Watch the clips below.

EXID’s “Up and Down” was originally released in August, but was able to surge back on to music charts in December due to fan cams of their performances going viral. Previously, Crayon Pop was the group that had a big gap in between the release date and winning a music show due to the song becoming a viral hit. Their song “Bar Bar Bar“won on Music Bank two months after release.