Bada Talks About Her Kiss Scenes in Musical “Gone With The Wind”

Singer Bada discussed kissing her co-stars in “Gone With the Wind” on the January 8 edition of SBS Power FM program “Two O’Clock Escape Cultwo Show.” The singer stars in the musical alongside actors Joo Jin Mo and Lim Tae Kyung, and also has kiss scenes with both men.

“I went crazy doing the kissing scene with Joo Jin Mo,” she said, describing the difficult of the scene. “Getting the angle of the kiss right was maddening. There’s this calculation to how your back and shoulders have to be.”

“Of course, the scene calls for a longer kiss, so we have to kiss for a little while,” she continued. I don’t mind it. Joo Jin Mo and Lim Tae Kyung are both good looking actors.”