Jaekyung: “Rainbow Will Stop Living in a Dormitory Together”

Rainbow leader Jaekyung has announced that the members of the group will no longer live together in a dormitory and that she has already found a new home.

The group has been living together for five years since the release of their debut mini album “Gossip Girl” in 2009, but according to a post on Jaekyung’s personal blog, the members will now start to live apart.

Jaekyung wrote, “We decided to live separately from 2015 onwards. That is not because of any kind of problem or conflict within the group. We just thought about it and came to the conclusion that we needed a bit of new experience. We have resolved to live very nearby one another.”

The star also noted that she personally took charge of securing a contract with a real estate agent, and said she was looking forward to decorating her new home.

Rainbow’s most recent full-group release came in 2013 with the release of the two-part album “Rainbow Syndrome.”