Sohee Is a Chocoholic in Her New Drama, “Heart to Heart”

Sohee has returned to the small screen, this time as an actress playing a character who is a chocoholic.

On the first episode of tvN’s Friday and Saturday drama “Heart to Heart” which aired on January 9, a story of Se Ro, played by Sohee, was told as she returned to Korea after studying abroad in America.

Se Ro calls her brother Yi Seok, played by Chun Jung Myung, and says, “I start my movie shoot tomorrow. It’s not a famous director, but he does have experience.” She then said, “You won’t be able to see me even if you want to a year from now.”

In particular, Sohee did not let go of a brownie that she was eating throughout the entire phone call. She even poured chocolate syrup over it before devouring it, earning the nickname “Choco Sohee.”

Meanwhile, tvN’s drama “Heart to Heart” is a romantic comedy about Go Yi Seok, a psychiatrist who cannot live without attention, and Cha Hong Do, a woman with severe facial blushing who cannot live with attention. The drama tells the story of the form of therapy, Cha Hong Do and Go Yi Seok each get to overcome their trauma.

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