Kim So Eun Expresses Her Jealousy to Song Jae Rim Over Other Female Stars on “We Got Married”

The January 10 broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married” continued to show Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun’s honeymoon trip to Turkey.

The couple enjoyed a spa date together and had fun spending time at a hot spring resort. While playing around in the water, Kim So Eun suddenly stopped and said to her on-screen husband, “I know I’ve seen this scene somewhere before.” The actress then brought up the underwater kiss scene from Song Jae Rim’s drama “Surplus Princess (The Mermaid)” with actress Jo Bo Ah.

Taken aback by the mention of the kiss scene, Song Jae Rim went underwater and pretended not to hear what his virtual wife had said. Kim So Eun called out to him, saying, “Come here. Did you or did you not…” However, before she could finish her question, Song Jae Rim interrupted her by asking, “Who is Bo Ah? I don’t remember,” making light of the situation.
song jae rim kim so eunAlso during this episode, Kim So Eun not only expressed jealousy over Jo Bo Ah, but idol group AOA as well. While traveling on an overnight bus to reach another destination, the couple decided to share earphones and listen to music together.

As they humorously parodied the movie “Begin Again,” Kim So Eun said, “I heard that one song is popular these days,” to which Song Jae Rim responded, “Isn’t ‘Like a Cat’ popular recently?” making mention of girl group AOA.

After hearing this, the actress said, “AOA? I guess my husband is the same [as everyone else],” causing Song Jae Rim to change the song immediately. However, he said, “People have said that [the song] is hot these days,” and once again played “Like a Cat,” inciting more jealousy in his on-screen wife.
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