Rookie Group MAMAMOO Wows with “Immortal Song” Performance and Snags First Place

Another rookie has taken the “Immortal Song” stage by storm. This time, it is four-member girl group MAMAMOO.

MAMAMOO appeared on the January 10 broadcast of the “Immortal Song” Kim Young Kwang special and performed for a much wider age range than they are used to. Although some of the audience members may not have been familiar with the group, senior artists on the show only had the highest praises for the group.

In order to break Jung Dong Ha’s 407 point record, MAMAMOO prepared an ambitious and spirited performance of Joo Hyun Mi’s “Just a Moment,” which combined a cappella, rap, and dance. Their arrangement seamlessly brought out each member’s strengths and unique qualities, wowing audience members as well as the artists and MCs in the waiting room.

As soon as MAMAMOO finished their performance, everyone in the waiting room broke out in applause. MC Jung Jae Hyung said, “Surely [MAMAMOO] will be the rookies of 2015.” Moon Hee Jun added, “It’s like four Ailees [singing together]. Like a female Ulala Session, their performance and singing is perfect.”

Kim Kyung Ho remarked, “How are these rookies so bold and powerful. What am I going to do if I have to go after them?”

With skill far surpassing their status as rookies (they debuted only six months ago!), MAMAMOO captivated the audience and surpassed Jung Dong Ha’s record with 411 votes, putting them in first place.