Bobby Kim Does Not Remember What Happened on Korean Air Flight; Incident Report Calls to Question Sexual Harassment Claims

Recently, singer Bobby Kim has been caught in a controversy and dispute over his behavior on a Korean Air flight to the United States, on which he allegedly caused a commotion after drinking and sexually harassed a flight attendant.

In a continuation of media coverage on the incident, a report by Sports Daily, who exclusively obtained the incident report, states that the report made does not include anything regarding the specifics of the harassment, and merely states that “physical contact was made three times,” as well as includes some details on a “verbal harassment” as opposed to “sexual harassment,” in which Bobby Kim asks the attendant to spend some time together. The report, based on the word of the chief flight attendant, is a bit different from the initial complaint that claims Bobby Kim put his arm around the flight attendant’s waist, among other things, according to Sports Daily.

Moreover, on January 10, it was reported by various sources that while police attempted to confirm the events of January 7 with the flight attendants, who had just returned to Korea, they were refused. The following day, however, a Korean Air representative stated to Sports Daily that these reports are not true. “On the afternoon of January 10, a lot of reporters came to Incheon Airport, and due to concerns for safety, the police suggested that the investigation not take place [that day]. That the flight attendants refused the interview due to fatigue is not true,” states the airline representative.

Meanwhile, Bobby’s agency has stated that Bobby Kim does not remember what happened on the plane. However, “Regardless of right or wrong, he is sorry that he caused this incident,” said the agency rep, as quoted by Star News. In addition, Newsen also quotes an agency rep, who said that Bobby Kim getting drunk and not being able to remember is a wrongdoing in itself, and that the singer is currently reflecting on his actions. 

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