A Pink Reveals Unreleased Individual Posters Ahead of “Pink Paradise” Concert

Individual posters for A Pink’s first-ever solo concert “Pink Paradise” are being unveiled one at a time.

A Pink members Chorong and Bomi are first and second in line for the one-by-one reveal of all of the members’ individual posters for their upcoming solo concert at the end of this month.

On January 12, A Pink’s official Facebook page released the two posters a few hours apart.

In the uploaded posters, Chorong and Bomi can be seen posing with a very dreamy and pink background, which gives off the feeling that they are trapped in the story of “Alice in Wonderland.”

A representative of the group’s agency, A Cube Entertainment, explained, “After winning first place for five weeks in a row, A Pink has decided to revealed unreleased individual posters with a thankful heart. The members are currently working hard to get ready for their concert and are practicing every single day. They are preparing to showcase their hidden charms and stages that they have not been able to show until now, so please look forward to it.”

Meanwhile, “Pink Paradise” will be held on January 30 and 31 at Olympic Park’s Olympic Hall.

Check out the posters below and stay tuned for updated posters of all the members!