Song Ji Hyo and Lee Seo Jin Playfully Threaten to Spill Each Other’s Secrets on “Running Man”

Actors Lee Seo Jin and Song Ji Hyo recently showed off their close relationship after filming a drama together in the past, as they bickered with one another on the latest episode of “Running Man.”

On the January 11 broadcast of SBS’ variety program “Running Man” Lee Seo Jin joined Lee Seung Gi, Moon Chae Won, and the regular cast members as a guest for the ‘Match-Making Race’ special.

During the episode, Yoo Jae Suk mentioned to Song Ji Hyo, “Seo Jin hyung told me that you said, ‘Oppa, I’m going to poke holes through your dimples,’ to him in the middle of filming together.”

After hearing this, the actress was unable to hide her surprise, as she retorted, “When did I say that? [Seo Jin] oppa, then I’m going to reveal all your secrets.” However, Lee Seo Jin remained his composure as he fired back with a playful threat: “Do you think I have more secrets or you have more secrets?” causing everyone to burst into laughter when Song Ji Hyo had nothing left to say.