Man Crush Monday: January's Mystery Reveal

Wow. I’m shocked. There were no nominations at all for our Man Crush Monday‘s January Mystery Reveal. Not a single one! Where’s the love? But, have no fear, because I’ll simply take a walk down memory lane by bringing back all of the previous nominations since October. Excluding the two men already featured as our mystery crushes, Song Jae Rim‘s Kwon Shi Kyung from “Surplus Princess” and Joo Sang Wook‘s Cha Jung Woo from “Cunning Single Lady,” we’re looking at an amazing twenty-five nominations with a second chance to shine.


Lucky for me, I kept all those scraps of paper, so I just tossed them all back into my tin can. This time, I shake, shake, shake it off to Taylor Swift and come to the realization that such a nice sound is produced when the can is half full! When I’m all shook out, I pulled one out at random.


Are you eager to see who our mystery man is? Who will be able to claim this unexpected second chance and land a spot on our Man Crush Monday list? Let’s find out! Our January’s Mystery Reveal is…


… Actor Choi Jin Hyuk!

To be honest, even though Choi Jin Hyuk has been in some well known, popular dramas, such as “Emergency Couple,” “Gu Family Book,” “The Heirs,” and is also currently starring in “Pride and Prejudice,” I only know him as Daniel Pitt in “Fated to Love You.” Since the Soompier who nominated Choi Jin Hyuk didn’t specify which of his roles was the most crush worthy, I will choose the familiar, loveable Daniel Pitt as this week’s Man Crush Monday.

Strangely enough, “Fated to Love You” was one of those incredibly rare dramas where I didn’t get Second Lead Syndrome – not even once. It certainly wasn’t because Daniel Pitt wasn’t crush worthy since he most definitely was, but because the first lead was such a gentlemen and equally as loveable that my adoration for Daniel Pitt simply never had the time to develop. For this reason, I’m glad that Daniel Pitt and I were fated to meet again so that I can take the time to appreciate him now.

Let’s take a look at five reasons that make Daniel Pitt totally and completely Man Crush Monday worthy. (Spoilers ahead!)

1. Daniel Pitt is creative.


From being a well known artist and designer to being fashionably dressed at all times, Daniel Pitt is the epitome of a creative soul. Artistic men are totally my type and Daniel Pitt’s creativity truly knows no limits! As if being famous wasn’t already accomplished enough, he can also serenade a woman with a swoon worthy voice, help DJ at a club, prepare an awesome and touching sand art proposal, and is quite skilled with a camera. The only thing missing during Daniel Pitt’s screen time on “Fated to Love You?” Old comfortable clothes, wild paint splatters, and one heck of a masterpiece! I really would have loved to see Daniel Pitt getting down and dirty with his art media.

2. He’s honestly persistent.


Many times in the midst of trying to reveal his real identity to Kim Mi Young, Daniel Pitt always gets interrupted and gets put in a situation where he has to continue pretending to be a priest for the sake of another. He could have continued the charade until the end since his presence seemed to give Kim Mi Young peace during her moments of uncertainty, but Daniel Pitt chose the difficult, albeit more rewarding, route by attempting time and time again to reveal himself. Once the truth was finally out in the open, Daniel Pitt didn’t leave it at that – he tried his best to apologize and make up for the times in which he had been cornered into masking his identity.

Daniel Pitt also had the courage to reveal that it was his fault his younger sister was missing. Most people probably would not unveil that piece of information, but Daniel Pitt boldly told the truth during his long, persistent search for the other Kim Mi Young. Even though he felt hurt with each failure, despair at each dead end, heartbreak with each false alarm, Daniel Pitt never gave up the hope that he would, one day, find his sister. I don’t know about anyone else, but I definitely think that’s admirable.

3. Daniel Pitt always comes to the rescue.


I couldn’t keep track of the number of times Daniel Pitt had been Mi Young’s hero. From being there for her when she learned she was pregnant to praying with her at the hospital when she was preparing to terminate the pregnancy, Daniel Pitt had already gone far and beyond the duties of someone who was still a stranger to Kim Mi Young. Still, he didn’t stop there. When he accidentally saw the divorce papers, when he stepped up to the plate at the charity auction to vouch for the artist behind the Gaeddong cup, when he turned fierce to defend and protect her from the reporters, and even occasionally from Lee Gun over martial misunderstandings, Daniel Pitt was a stable presence who never once belittled Kim Mi Young and always sought to raise her self confidence.

4. He’s life changing.


Not many can add “completely changing someone’s life” onto their list of accomplishments, but Daniel Pitt fully deserves recognition for doing just that. During her time of utter despair, Kim Mi Young’s life suddenly changed, for the better in certain aspects, when Daniel Pitt encouraged her to turn to her love of art to heal her wounds. Because of him, Kim Mi Young experienced life in France, learned French, developed her art skills, became more confident in herself, was more outspoken, and transformed herself into a famous, highly sought after artist. The core essence of Kim Mi Young was the same, but Daniel Pitt assisted her in gaining a better footing in life and building a brand new name and reputation for herself. Talk about influential!

5. Daniel Pitt is as unselfish as they come.

If there is any reason to dislike a second male lead, it’s that I’ve seen a fair share of frustrating ones I just want to knock some common sense into; the ones that are notorious for believing that if their feelings are forced upon the one they love and if they insist on being given a chance and that they are meant to be, with complete disregard to the woman’s feelings and opinions,then that woman simply must do a complete turn-around and fall completely in love with them instead.

But lucky for us, Daniel Pitt has never done that. His feelings are never forced onto Kim Mi Young and although he certainly has his moments of weakness and doubt, he never questions her loyalty to him and their relationship. When Kim Mi Young needed more time, he gave it to her. When she needed space, he moved away just enough to let her breathe. When the truth behind why her relationship with Lee Gun truly crumbled, Daniel Pitt was torn between doing what’s right and doing what he really wants to do. Even when Kim Mi Young chose to stay with him after Lee Gun’s facade began to shatter, Daniel Pitt made the conscious decision to let her go because it would make her happy. To be given a chance to solve the missing piece of the puzzle from the past and come to her own decision on who she will stay with meant peace and joy for Kim Mi Young, but a great chance of despair for Daniel Pitt.

Still, he chose to give up on her, to give her the freedom she needs, even though Daniel Pitt once said to Lee Gun, “the words ‘giving up’ is not in my dictionary.” But for the sake of another, Daniel Pitt does, indeed, decide to give up. Wow, right?

How did we do for January’s Mystery Reveal? Was Daniel Pitt a good choice? Rate him on a scale of 1 to 10 in the comments below! Don’t forget to nominate your Man Crush Mondays for next month and I’m also open for recommendations on which of Choi Jin Hyuk’s drama to watch next! See you all on Wednesday for our Woman Crush segment!

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