Park Hae Jin Sustains Back Injury on Set of Chinese Drama

It has been revealed that actor Park Hae Jin had an accident during a drama shoot in China and has suffered a back injury.

On January 12, Park Hae Jin’s agency, WM Company, said to a local news source that “During an action scene, he fell on his spine and hurt his back. Even now, he’s limping when he walks.” Park Hae Jin is in the middle of filming the Chinese drama, “Secret Society of Men – Friends.”

They continued, “It’s a long distance to the hospital in China, so for now, he’s wearing a back brace and using a mobility aid to get around.” They added, “After his filming ends in China, he will return to Korea for and receive physiotherapy.”

Meanwhile, Park Hae Jin plays an angelic man, Hae Boong, in “Secret Society of Men – Friends.” “Secret Society of Men – Friends” is the sequel to the wildly popular drama “Secret Society of Men” from three years ago, and tells the story of friendships, desires, dreams, and love of men in their early 30s.