Kim Jong Kook’s Niece Soya Teases for Her Upcoming Comeback

Singer Kim Jong Kook‘s niece Soya has hinted at her upcoming comeback.

The singer recently posted a photo of herself in the studio on her Instagram page along with the words “Please wait a little longer.” Soya’s last project was her 2012 collaboration with Mighty Mouth on tracks “Tok Tok” and “LaLaLa.”

Soya’s new label, Urban Works ENT, also commented on the singer’s comeback, saying, “Everyone is working tirelessly on Soya’s new project. We are preparing something special and quite different from what one might expect, so please stay tuned for further updates.”

The upcoming album will be Soya’s first since transferring to Urban Works ENT. She previously released the single “Smiling Goodbye” following her debut as part of the duo Soya n Sun in 2010.