Beginning of the End: “Dad! Where Are We Going?” Episode 103

Our six families are off on their “graduation trip,” their last official “Dad! Where Are We Going?” trip of the year.

For the first part of the episode, we see familiar sights that we haven’t seen in a while: Min Joo with her brother Kim Min Yool, Kim Sung Joo with his son at the breakfast table, Jung Woong In‘s three daughters Jung Se Yoon, So Yoon, and Da Yoon lined up in a row, and others such as Ryu Jin and Lim Chan Hyung packing for their trip.

When they arrive at their final destination, all the members recognize the town immediately. It’s where they welcomed the Jung father and daughter for the first time ever.

As it was the previous time, there are only five houses available and one family must spend the night in a tent. Through the most simple yet entertaining game with a magazine, Yoon Hoo and Yoon Min Soo are the lucky ones who will be sleeping in the tent. (Sung Dong Il almost loses, but alas, his lucky streak never ends and he gives his daughter Sung Bin a nice house to sleep in even on the very last trip.)

DWAWG 011115 1 DWAWG 011115 2

However, things get suspicious when Yoon Min Soo takes all of the children to a sky walk, leaving the other five fathers behind.

DWAWG 011115 6 DWAWG 011115 5

They are told that in order to hear the children’s true feelings about their dads, the fathers will disguise themselves and talk to their kids.

DWAWG 0111115 4

(When I learned they were disguising themselves, I was thinking grandpas and a mustache. Instead, we have some… well…

DWAWG 011115 8


Ahn Jung Hwan talks to his son Ahn Ri Hwan disguised as a hunter. Ri Hwan seems to recognize him immediately, but Ahn Jung Hwan works hard to throw him off the trail.

DWAWG 011115 9

Ahn Jung Hwan asks, “Do you like going on trips with your dad?” and Ri Hwan’s immediate answer is, “No.” Further questions prompt Ri Hwan to say that his dad is boring and bothers him too much, making Ahn Jung Hwan more and more upset. As soon as Ahn the hunter threatens to take his dad, Ri Hwan says his dad cares for him well. He also makes it clear that he likes his mom more than his dad.

DWAWG 011115 7

On the other hand, Min Yool enjoys Kim Sung Joo’s disguise immensely. He evens pokes his face to “make sure” he’s a real person.

DWAWG 011115 11

After that’s checked and done, Kim Sung Joo starts questioning his son. Conclusion: Min Yool likes his dad a lot, even more than mom.

DWAWG 011115 12

Cut back to the Ahns; the two move inside. Ahn Jung Hwan succeeds in getting Ri Hwan to admit that he likes his dad when he has fun with him. He’s not a fan of his older sister, but he still won’t let the scary hunter take her. Conclusion: Ri Hwan loves his family a lot and won’t let the hunter take any of them.

Jung Woong In is dressed as a typical Korean woman working at a restaurant. (While he waits for Hoo and Se Yoon, he works the part too!)

DWAWG 011115 13

When the two children enter the restaurant for some noodles, they notice immediately that this strange woman looks oddly like Se Yoon’s dad. His facial hair, his hands, his big nose, the way he spilled their water a little… Se Yoon recognizes her dad. The women at the next table over who have caught on to Jung Woong In’s plans do their best to throw the children off guard, but then Jung Woong In takes his mask off and Se Yoon is sure it’s her dad because of his teeth. (note: Se Yoon knows her dad’s features extremely well.)

DWAWG 011115 14 DWAWG 011115 15

Jung Woong In gives up and starts eating with the two kids when Yoon Min Soo enters the scene also dressed as a woman. Hoo recognizes him in less than a second.

DWAWG 011115 16

We end up with this odd situation.

DWAWG 011115 17

Kim Sung Joo takes off his mask for Min Yool as well, who had absolutely no idea.

DWAWG 01115 18

Ahn Jung Hwan also goes back to Ri Hwan to reveal his true identity. He tells Ri Hwan that a year ago, he didn’t know how to be a good dad because he didn’t have a dad, but through their trips together, he’s learned a lot. He promises to become a better dad for Ri Hwan in the future.

DWAWG 011115 19

Next week is the final episode of “Dad! Where Are We Going” Season 2. Stay tuned for the final, touching, tear-filled episode.

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