Ji Chang Wook and Park Min Young Go On a Sweet Blind Date on “Healer”

Stills from “Healer” show the romantic blind date Ji Chang Wook prepared for Park Min Young, a date that would make many women’s hearts flutter.

*Minor spoilers ahead*

The movie date prepared by Seo Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook) stimulated viewers’ romantic side. On episode 11 of “Healer,” which aired January 12, Choi Young Shin (Park Min Young) commissioned the Healer because she wanted to meet him. Wanting to create a nice date for her, Seo Jung Hoo rented a VIP movie theater. Because he had to keep his identity a secret, he wasn’t able to be with her during the date, but he created a romantic mood by setting up lanterns to guide her way. He also used a toy rabbit to communicate with her.

Viewers were touched by the scene where Seo Jung Hoo smiles wide as he watches Choi Young Shin laughing and enjoying the movie. All his life, he only enjoyed watching animal documentaries but now he is changing gradually as his heart learns to love.

Not wanting their date to end, Seo Jung Hoo holds hands with Choi Young Shin. As he is determined to not disrupt Choi Young Shin’s normal life, he sadly decides to let go of his feelings for her.

Viewers were impressed with Ji Chang Wook’s portrayal, as he freely moves from a man who lived his life indifferently to a sweet man hopelessly in love and overflowing with charisma.

After the broadcast, netizens reacted to the sweet date with comments like, “Ji Chang Wook, you’re a professional romantic,” “A date where it was like they were together but they weren’t together but it seems like they’re together,” “Where can I find a man like this?” and “I’m so jealous of Young Shin.”


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