Lee Jin Says There Are No Plans for a Fin.K.L Reunion

In the midst of rumors of a possible Fin.K.L reunion on the SBS talk show “Healing Camp,” member Lee Jin stated, “There are no formal plans yet for Fin.K.L to perform or promote together.”

A representative from Lee Jin’s agency King Kong Entertainment stated on January 13, “While Fin.K.L members are talking to each other [about the possibility], there are no official plans yet for Fin.K.L to reunite for any activities or appearances.”

On the January 12 episode of “Healing Camp,” the MCs invited their friends for a New Year’s party. Host Sung Yuri invited her friend and fellow Fin.K.L member Ock Ju Hyun and the two reminisced about the days when they used to perform as Fin.K.L.

They also called another Fin.K.L member, Lee Hyori, on the program. During this unofficial reunion, the three Fin.K.L members cried together and even sang one of their hit songs together. Fellow hosts Lee Kyung Kyu and Kim Jae Dong proposed that all four members, including Lee Jin, should appear on the show together. After the show aired, the possibility of a Fin.K.L reunion became a hot topic.

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