Park Gun Hyung Proposed to His Wife in a Surprise Event in Paris

Actor Park Gun Hyung talked about his wedding on SBS Power FM’s “K.Will’s Incredible Radio Show” on January 12.

K.Will talked about why he couldn’t sing at Park Gun Hyung’s wedding, which was because, “I was immersed in the proposal video, and by the time it was over, I had completely lost track of time.”

“There’s a lot of pressure for men when it comes to proposing to his significant other,” said Park Gun Hyung, reminiscing about his proposal. “While I was thinking about what to do for my wife, she and her mother went on a trip to Paris. That’s when I thought why not go to Paris and propose to her there?”

When he got to Paris, he set up an entire event for the proposal. He made a big placard which he placed on a bridge near the Notre Dame cathedral. There, he lured his wife to the spot and played the guitar to serenade her before he popped the question that would change his world.

Park Gun Hyung married his wife last October. Let’s hope the newlyweds lead a happy and wonderful life!

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