Lee Min Ho Discovered a New Side of Himself Through “Gangnam 1970”

Actor Lee Min Ho shared he discovered a new side to himself while filming his new movie, “Gangnam 1970.” On January 13, actors Lee Min Ho, Kim Rae Won, Jung Jin Young, AOA’s Seolhyun, and director Yoo Ha attended the press premiere of the film.

Regarding the film’s violence, Lee Min Ho’s stated his opinion that “Violence is within everyone. [People] need to control that impulse rationally.” He shared that he uncovered that side within himself while filming this movie, saying, “For the first time, I expressed the violence and brutality that was within me. Honestly, I discovered I had a capability for violence that I didn’t know existed.” He also talked about the difficulty of having his character’s mindset during filming, sharing, “On set, even when I wasn’t filming a scene, there were many difficult times. Mentally, I wasn’t bright or happy during that time.”

“Gangnam 1970” is a film about two close men struggling with greed and betrayal during the development of the Gangnam area in the 1970s. The film will be released on January 21.