Korean and Chinese Fans Surprise Jang Nara on Her 5,000th Day Debut Anniversary

January 9 was a special day for Jang Nara as it was the 5,000th day since her debut. She was taking profile photos in a studio in Gyeonggi-do when a number of surprise presents and messages from her fan clubs were delivered on set.

The first round of gifts included a cake, flower bouquet, and pastries from her Korean fan club “Nara Sarang.” The second consisted of congratulatory banners from “Angel Nara,” Jang Nara’s Chinese fan club, and from top Chinese community site Baidu Tieba.

Jang Nara was very touched by the gifts and expressed her gratitude with a series of pictures with the presents. In one of the photos, she is blowing out the candles of her cake. In another, she gestures to the red and blue banners.

Jang Nara’s management agency Narajjang.com commented, “Jang Nara has been able to be consistently active for the past 5,000 days because of her Korean and Chinese fans’ sincere support[…] We want to thank the fans for their unchanging love.”

Meanwhile, Jang Nara just finished up two MBC Wednesday-Thursday dramas, “Fated to Love You” and “Mister Baek.” She was honored for her work at the recent “2014 MBC Drama Awards” with the Female High Excellence Award for Miniseries, the Popularity Award, and the Best Couple Award.