It is that time of the week again! “We Got Married” highlights with bubblybribri! As 2015 has started, our couples are more loving and affectionate towards each other than ever before. I am excited to see what this new year brings for our couples as they continue on with their married life. This week, I was able to see a distinct characteristic for each of the couples based on their activities and actions towards each other.

1) Cutie JJongAh Couple

This couple already has such a pure and innocent relationship with one another. They are just so full of laughter and joy that it makes you happy watching them as well. The way they react and respond to one another is just filled with so much aegyo and charm. I feel like even Hong Jong Hyun is talking and acting with more wit and charm as the episodes continue. In this week’s episode they went to the market to find things to make their rooftop home warm and toasty. From buying products to place over their windows to arguing about which electric blanket to purchase, whatever they did, it was filled with so much aegyo. Total cuteness overload! In the very beginning, I felt Yura was the more expressive one, but now Jong Hyun has changed in his reactions and expressions towards Yura.

jy1 jy2 jy3

For those of you who remember last week’s episode, Yura gave Jong Hyun “Yura Coupons” to use whenever he liked. Although she wanted him to use it in a romantic and special way, he decided to use it at the market. He told her that he wanted her to wear all the clothes and accessories he picked out and walk in the market. As he was picking out ridiculous clothes for her, Yura kept on sulking and complaining, saying that Jong Hyun was an idiot for using the coupon that way. But no matter how much she whined, Jong Hyun wouldn’t give up on the way he wanted to use his coupon. They just argued, but even amidst all that, they were laughing together. The studio audience even wondered how they could argue in such a cute way. In the end, Yura was a good sport and wore everything he told her to. She ended up coming out of the dressing room, dressed up like a little school girl in sweats. She was trying to play the part, so she held onto her husband and acted in the most obnoxious, but cutest way ever. She pretended to be a little girl and linked arms with him. It was adorable. And of course, she walked down the aisle of the market, like a model. They ended up just laughing and smiling with each other. That is what I love about this couple. They are just so innocently playful with one another.

jy6 jy7 jy8 jy9 jy10

Yura revealed in her interview that since he was using the coupon in this way, she just wanted to go all out and make him laugh hard. This scene was definitely the highlight of their entire segment today.

jy11 jy12

2) Adventurous Naughty Couple

It seems like they have been in Macao for such a long time, so it is surprising that they have only been there for three days. So much has happened for this couple in three days. This couple is definitely known for their dramatic skinship, but today they spent more time being adventurous with their outdoor activities.


On their third day, Namgoong Min and Hong Jin Young received a mission to go on a “youth tour,” and honestly, I am not sure what this entails, but I am guessing it is referring to doing youthful activities. Min suggested that they do a sky walk over the city and Jin Young really cringed at the idea. I think this activity can be set up differently for various cities. The one that they went to was really high up and around a tall building, so they were walking along the edge of a walkway high up in the sky. Jin Young was super scared and freaked out, but Min didn’t seem to be afraid at all. He constantly reassured her that he would be by her side and that he would hold onto her and protect her if anything were to happen. He even said that if she fell off, he would fall off with her. How funny! To make it all worse, it was super windy, rainy, and wet. Jin Young continued to be scared and constantly panicked as she walked along the edge. Usually, she is very bubbly and outgoing, but right when she stepped out on the deck, she became silent (with the occasional scream). When the guide told them to hang from the edge or run and glide, Jin Young lost it, while Min had the time of his life. To distract herself, she just looked up at the sky. Min held onto her and stayed close by her side. I have to give her extra props for being that bold and brave to even go up there and finish the whole sky walk.

mj1 mj2 mj3 mj4 mj5 mj7

After the sky walk adventure, they headed to Coloane Village, which was filled with pretty streets and cozy, little houses. They just had a nice, relaxing time walking through the streets. Min mentioned how it was nice to just walk around in a foreign country because people didn’t stare at them or notice them. They strolled and took pictures and had a nice bicycle ride around the village. I think it is always nice to see couples bike riding together. There’s just something about it that makes you feel wonderful and happy inside.

mj9 mj11

mj10 mj12

3) Natural SoRim Couple

For those of you who have been following my highlight recaps, you probably know by now that I am kind of in love with the SoRim couple. I am such a fangirl when it comes to Song Jae Rim and Kim So Eun. I could talk about them and watch them all day long. But the number one reason why I love this couple so much is their natural chemistry. They don’t try hard to be an amazing couple, but the way they act and talk to one another is just natural and comfortable. It doesn’t seem forced or exaggerated. The chemistry is just there.

js1 js2

This week, they continued their honeymoon in Pamukkale, Turkey. They went to these ancient hot springs, where you can swim above ancient ruins. Jae Rim was shocked to hear that So Eun was wearing a bikini underneath her robe. He couldn’t handle it and said, “No more filming!” He is so protective sometimes. It must’ve been so nice for So Eun having a tough, manly guy lead her in the water. He held her hand, while making sure the pathways underwater were easy to go through and the water wasn’t too deep. He even carried her across at one point. Jae Rim showed off his awesome swimming skills and they played in the water, splashing each other and laughing. They shared really subtle moments of skinship, but these are the moments that make me squeal even more.

js3 js4 js5 js6 js7

After swimming, they went to have a delicious Turkish dinner, which was filled with more cheesiness and lovey dovey statements. The things they say to each other just blows me away sometimes. It was kind of random, but they got their fortunes told from the coffee they drank. For So Eun, the man said that there are two pathways for her. If she goes straight on the road, she will be happy, but if she goes on the other road, she will cry all the time. For Jae Rim, the man even said, “Oh my god.” He said that Jae Rim loves So Eun too much and that he wants to be a father, which caused both Jae Rim and So Eun to laugh awkwardly.

js13 js14 js15 js16

They got on a bus to head to Cappadocia, which would take 10 hours on the bus. But I guess this would be okay if you were with the person you loved, right? Although they were both pretty tired, they stayed up with one another, talking, laughing, listening to music, and joking around. Jae Rim even made So Eun jealous as he talked about girl group, AOA. But Jae Rim once again proves what a considerate guy he is by having something prepared. He knew that his wife had her eyes open all day long, so he prepared a warm eye mask for her. Major feels. Although Jae Rim really didn’t want to go on the hot air balloon, he went because that is how much he loves his wife. The episode ended with them taking off on the hot air balloon, so I am definitely excited to see their natural chemistry on the balloon next week!

js17 js18 js19 js20 js21 js22 js23 js24 js25

Eric’s featured face this week! His expressions never get old!

Comment below and tell me what characteristics you see in our beautiful couples!

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