New Stills of Upcoming Film “C’est Si Bon” Reveal Jung Woo and Han Hyo Joo’s Natural Chemistry

New images of Jung Woo and Han Hyo Joo on the set of their new film, “C’est Si Bon” has been released.

The stills display a high level of natural chemistry between the two actors, showing scenes from their first kiss to the two characters enjoying a date together. Jung Woo and Han Hyo Joo play the film’s two lead roles, starring as Oh Geun Tae and Min Ja Young, respectively.

Jung Woo’s character, Oh Geun Tae, is a country boy who starts playing music for Ja Young, who he falls in love with at first sight. Han Hyo Joo, meanwhile, plays the charming Ja Young, a young woman with many suitors and a muse for young artists who play at the C’est Si Bon music hall.

c'est si bon

The two actors appear to have gotten along almost as well as their characters do in the film. “I’m such a fan of Han Hyo Joo that I have not missed a single one of her films,” Jung Woo said in an interview. “Working with her was like a dream.” Meanwhile, Han Hyo Joo had similar praise for her co-star, saying, “Jung Woo gives me inspiration. It’s thanks to him that Min Ja Young came to life like she did.”

“C’est Si Bon” uses Seoul’s iconic C’est Si Bon music hall, the birthplace of South Korea’s folk music craze, as its backdrop. It portrays Oh Geun Tae, a fictional member of a real band, Twin Folio, and his romance with Ja Young, the band’s muse. The film is scheduled for release in February.